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In a London from long ago a mysterious couple move into a house with a terrible legacy; one so dark it had been thought impossible to rent. But could it be the couple are more terrible than the house? Has a face from the past returned to haunt the houses owner or are there other supernatural forces at play? Could there really be vampires lurking in the dark or is it just a dastardly scheme to torment the owner, a distraught Sir James (Dan Starkey, Doctor Who). Only one man can help him find the truth, Sir James must rely on old friend and Scotland Yard Detective Edward Burke (Art Malik, The Little Mermaid) to face what lurks in London After Midnight.

Art Malik

London After Midnight is a full cast audio drama that resurrects the lost silent horror classic of the same name. Originally released in 1927 the film was destroyed in the 1965 MGM vault fire. While that might be lost forever the tale has been given new life with a retelling adapted by Lance Roger Axt & Kenton Hall from the original screenplay by Waldemar Young & Tod Browning.

Directed by Jack Bowman and Kenton Hall this is a sleek production that provides a gripping and atmospheric tale. The stellar cast is led by international Film and TV actor Art Malik, who delivers a captivating performance as Inspector Burke, a dogged detective determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. There is also an enjoyable appearance by experienced audio actor Dan Starkey, bringing the Victorian aristocrat Sir James to life as he struggles with the possibility of facing the supernatural.

It’s a captivating and exciting tale with no padding. Events move along briskly and the plot has many twists and turns; keeping you guessing as to the nature of events and their possible supernatural nature. Art Malik and Dan Starkey have excellent chemistry and play well off each other as they descend deeper and deeper into the mystery.

The sound work is also excellent, helping to paint a picture of London at that time and it also is used to great effect to build up the ghostly gothic atmosphere. It’s recorded in Dolby Atmos for a more immersive listening experience.

This is an enjoyable gothic adventure that brings back a lost tale from the early days of cinema and if that is not enough to tempt you it’s also a highly enjoyable and immersive tale, well worth a listen.  You can buy it here

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London After Midnight also stars BETH EYRE (Wooden Overcoats, Circles) as Lucy Balfour, KENTON HALL (A Dozen Summers, Les Miserables) as Hibbs, DAVID BICKERSTAFF (Lost At Christmas) as Roger Balfour with DAVID K. BARNES (showrunner of Wooden Overcoats, Cry Havoc: Ask Questions Later), SARAH DORSETT, KARIM KRONFLI, ABI MCLOUGHLIN (Audible’s THE SANDMAN), CLIFF CHAPMAN and JACK BOWMAN.



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October 12, 2023
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