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Character Options in partnership with Pop Culture retailer Forbidden
Planet is delighted to announce a brand-new exclusive for its iconic Doctor
Who Collection, a gold version of the Fourteenth Doctor’s Sonic
Screwdriver available for presale now through this link.



The Fourteenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver has proven to be hugely
popular ever since its debut at San Diego Comic-Con on 19th July 2023,
and this the limited-edition version will surely become a must-have
addition amongst Doctor Who fans.

The exclusive device features a gold effect ‘electro plated’ finish, light and
sound FXs, and an extending and opening emitter. Slide the control button
to open and close or press and hold for sounds.

Available for presell now, this extra special Sonic Screwdriver will cost just
£29.99 and will be available for delivery and in store form early June.

Doctor Who
Post by Other Dave
May 13, 2024
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