Steven Moffat

Episode 86 – Steven Moffat: Past, Present & Future!

Andy, Alan and Derek have consulted the mighty twitter oracle for it’s views on Steven Moffat.  What do people like, what annoys them and who will fill those big shoes when the time comes?

Episode 81 – ME and Moffat are BANANAS!!!

Derek, Martin, Eddie and Andy come together to talk about the exciting S8 finale.  And while we are on the subject of Bananas whats what with the Missing Episodes?

Episode 75 – Web of Moon Fear

Alan, Andy, Derek and Martin try to decide if they want to moon or kill someone over this weeks episode.  And just what is Alan’s complain about the 12th Doctor?  Watch out at the end, there may be a spoiler! ( watch out for the spoiler alert warning)

The Matt Smith voice overs, and others in recent podcasts, were provided by the very talented Christopher Thomson.  Find out more about him here! -

Episode 74 – There’s been a spillage!

Martin, Andy and Derek try to mop up the aftermath of this week’s episode: The Caretaker.  And more things spill out as they bounce between messy subjects such as Missing Episodes and Conspiracy Theories.  Listen quickly before someone calls health and safety.

Episode 72 – Listen, that’s the sound of the Internet exploding!

Andy, Derek and Martin try to decide just what happened in ‘Listen’.  And what is it about the episode that has divided fandom?

Episode 67 – Hot and Steamy in the TARDIS

Andy takes time out to talk about his recent trip to the Deep Breath premier in London.  Did he like the episode?  What’s the new Doctor like?  Who’s so against Hanky Panky in the TARDIS?  And are those new titles?  And who knew they make that noise in real life?  Unlike S5 questions will be answered.

Episode 64 – Into Darkness!

Andy, Alan and Derek return from the darkness only to find that’s where everyone else is heading.  But with a new trailer and missing episode movement surely things are picking up? ( just don’t mention the leaked scripts)

Plotholes take Manhattan!

The Angels took Manhattan but they’ve left behind some major plot holes.  Alan, Andy and Derek pick there way through this epic timey whimey tale of love, death and angels.  And maybe, just maybe, they’ve found a theory that not only fills in the holes from this episode but some that have been outstanding since the Eleventh Hour.    Oh, and the ponds left but this has caused a surprising reaction from everyone.

The “How many Dr Who fans does it take to change a light bulb” conspiracy!

The Power of Three!  No, not the highly anticipated episode 4 of series 7a, instead it’s three conspiracy theories that are doing the rounds.  But before Andy, Alan and Derek can solve these mysteries they must first look back on the series so far.

Ep 26 – A Masterly new trailer!

It’s almost time, series 7a is just around the corner and Alan, Andy and Derek are getting excited.  But what secrets are hidden in the trailer?  And why are they talking about the Master?

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