Episode 68 – Vastra owes us one!

Alan, Andy and Derek take a deep breath before diving into discussing a new Doctor, old faces, new credits, the mysterious Missy and of course controversy!

Episode 45 – So that’s what his name is!

Eddie, Derek, Andy and Special Guest CJ (from Dr Who Spoilers) look back at the Series 7B finale.  Then look forward to the 50th special.  Just who is this new Doctor?  And is the mystery symbol that keeps appearing in the background leading up to something?

Warning: Contains spoilers for the 50th!  If you don’t want to hear then just stop listening at the spoiler warning.

Episode 43 – The Crimson Hurrah!

Andy, Derek and Alan investigate whether lightning has struck twice for Mark Gatiss or if the crimson in this weeks episode is from red cheeks of embarrassment.

And Eddie drops in with a couple of spoilers for this weeks episode: “Nightmare in Silver”.  Catch them before the spoiler ninja’s catch him.

Warning: Contains some minor spoilers (but the podcast does warn before they start)

Episode 42 – Life, the universe and spoilers

Derek and Alan are joined by CJ from Doctor Who Spoilers who helps our heroes figure out just how the ending to “Journey to the center of the TARDIS” actually works.

And when you have a special guest from Doctor Who Spoilers it would be rude not to talk shop…

Warning: Episode contains spoilers and speculation about the rest of 7B and the 50th. (but there is a warning prior to the spoiler chat starting for those just wanting to listen to the review).

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