Series 7

Episode 33 – She keeps dying, Rory will sue!

Andy, Derek and Alan get together to decide if  “The Snowmen” Xmas Special was a cracker or just another Turkey.  And just what could we be getting in 2013?

The “How many Dr Who fans does it take to change a light bulb” conspiracy!

The Power of Three!  No, not the highly anticipated episode 4 of series 7a, instead it’s three conspiracy theories that are doing the rounds.  But before Andy, Alan and Derek can solve these mysteries they must first look back on the series so far.

Ep 27 – The History of the Daleks!

In the run up to every Dalek ever appearing in the S7 opening episode we thought we would try and fit the history of every Dalek episode ever into a coherent form.  Have we succeeded or is Eddie now as mad as Dalek Caan?  Find out in this special podcast!


Ep 26 – A Masterly new trailer!

It’s almost time, series 7a is just around the corner and Alan, Andy and Derek are getting excited.  But what secrets are hidden in the trailer?  And why are they talking about the Master?

Series 7 Scheduling Panic!

For the past few weeks, fandom have been in a right tizzy, as the fate of Doctor Who’s seventh series was thrown into confusion.  How many episodes?  Another split series?   What’s going on????

Well, in truth, Alan and Derek don’t have a clue.  But they’re willing to record their lack of knowledge on the subject, and try and sort through the sequence of events and what it might mean for 2012 and 2013.

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