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Episode 54 – The Masterly Power of Phase 2

Nic, Eddie, Alan and Derek get together to look back on Phase 1 of the Missing Episodes.  Nic tells us all about the Press Event he attended for Web of Fear & Enemy of the World.  Plus the team tackle questions live from twitter (at time of recording).  And why is Eddie coughing the phrase “Phase 2″?*


* Dalek fans may want to listen to the end.  Just saying…

Episode 53 – The Golden Years – The Eighth Doctor with Daphne Ashbrook

The team are graced with the presence of the amazing Daphne Ashbrook to discuss the 8th Doctor’s brief time in the TARDIS.  Also the important role for duct tape in sci-fi and why we need a musical episode of Doctor Who.

Episode 50 – 50 Podcasts in 50 Years

To celebrate a milestone in Outpost Skaro’s history ( reaching 50 podcasts) Derek, Eddie and Alan get together to present what Outpost Skaro think are the Top 10 Doctor Who Episodes.

And what’s on the list may surprise you!

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