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Episode 76 – I want my Mummy!

Nic, Martin, Derek and Andy risk the Mummy’s curse as they talk about Missing Episodes.  Oh and this weeks Mummy centric episode, which was rather good.

The 2nd Doctor voice overs are again provided by the scarily good Christopher Thomson.  Find out more about him here! -

Episode 75 – Web of Moon Fear

Alan, Andy, Derek and Martin try to decide if they want to moon or kill someone over this weeks episode.  And just what is Alan’s complain about the 12th Doctor?  Watch out at the end, there may be a spoiler! ( watch out for the spoiler alert warning)

The Matt Smith voice overs, and others in recent podcasts, were provided by the very talented Christopher Thomson.  Find out more about him here! -

Episode 74 – There’s been a spillage!

Martin, Andy and Derek try to mop up the aftermath of this week’s episode: The Caretaker.  And more things spill out as they bounce between messy subjects such as Missing Episodes and Conspiracy Theories.  Listen quickly before someone calls health and safety.

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