Peter Capaldi

Episode 116 – Passing On, Moving On And Relocating

Andy, Nic and Derek face some sad news and then try to look on the positive side, even if that is a bit spoilery.

Episode 106 – The First One Died Naked!

Nic, Andy and Derek mix figuring out the marital status of River Song with talking about one of the best new episodes of Doctor Who in a long time (perhaps 2.5 billion years).

Episode 95 – Vastra vs the Vampire Monkies!

Andy, Jack, Nic and Derek try to decide which is the witch and who’s being overly familiar.  After a strong start, with an armored spearhead, last week how will this week compare? Davors, Daleks, Missy, Clara, Angry Eyebrows and pointy sticks, who could ask for more?

Episode 91 – Zygons and Daleks and Missy. Oh My!

Andy and Derek take a look at the new trailer for series 9. Did you spot everything hidden in it’s depths? (Andy didn’t) And just who was that sassy masked highway woman?

Episode 87 – The Men Who Knew Too Little

Andy and Derek delve into the void to try and find out the latest S9 news and rumors.


Note: Since this podcast was recorded Mark Gatiss has been confirmed for S9.

Episode 85 – Last Christmas I gave you my hearts and you gave me crabs!

Long after the mulled wine hangover has passed, Andy, Derek, and Alan ponder Last Christmas and whether Santa was good or bad. And what were the surprises and sure things in the Outpost Skaro 2014 member awards? And if that wasn’t enough just what do you have to look forward to in 2015?

Episode 81 – ME and Moffat are BANANAS!!!

Derek, Martin, Eddie and Andy come together to talk about the exciting S8 finale.  And while we are on the subject of Bananas whats what with the Missing Episodes?

Episode 80 – Hit or Missy?

Andy, Alan and Derek pick their jaws up from the floor and figure out what they thought about THAT twist.  And what about the rest of the episode?  Plus what could happen next week?

Episode 79 – Halloween Special – Singing Meatloaf and Timeout Houses

Martin, Andy and Derek enjoy a short yet long stay in the house at the end of time.  And where is all that singing and screaming coming from?

Episode 77 – Doctor Clara I presume?

Martin, Andy and Derek try to avoid being a little two dimensional in their praise of this weeks episode.  And what does Missy’s choice of technology really mean?

Voice overs are again provided by the spectacularly good Christopher Thomson.  Find out more about him here! -

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