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Ep 27 – The History of the Daleks!

In the run up to every Dalek ever appearing in the S7 opening episode we thought we would try and fit the history of every Dalek episode ever into a coherent form.  Have we succeeded or is Eddie now as mad as Dalek Caan?  Find out in this special podcast!


24 – Stealth Companions and Bendy Daleks

From the time vortex comes a strange discussion.  Is the new companion invisible to enemies?  Where did that Dalek eye stalk come from? Does anyone on TV have a clue? And just what does the series seven trailer have in common with Red Dwarf?


22 – Anderson bought it, but he wouldn’t want that to spoil Christmas

Its a full house in the podcast over the holidays, as Derek, Eddie, Andy, Alan and Kyle all get together to talk about the Xmas special, The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe.   And Andy has a real problem with the title…

19 – Look at the coat, not the face

After an unexpected delay (sadly caused by real life intruding in the edit schedule, combined with Alan’s PC going on the blink), the Outpost Skaro Podcast returns to discuss the final series of Sarah Jane Adventures, and have a natter about one of the more popular forum topics of the last few weeks (at least, it was when we recorded the podcast): the 50th anniversary and the possibility of recasting.  Good idea, or bad idea?  Andy, Derek, Alan and Eddie all share their thoughts.

Big Finish Sale Day 4

Its day 4 of the Big Finish sale, and Alan and Derek are united in what you should buy today.

While there are some strong plays today is dominated by the impressive and outstanding “Spare Parts”.

Today’s plays are Embrace the Darkness, The Time of the Daleks, Neverland, Spare Parts, …Ish, The Rapture, The Sandman, The Church and the Crown, Bang-Bang-A-Boom!, Jubilee.

Check out all the Big Finish sale releases at http://sale.bigfinish.com


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