Episode 117 – A Doctor but perhaps not the one you were expecting?

Andy, Nic and Derek pack a lot into this podcast. Trailers, spoilers, speculation, Romans, war doctors, missing episodes!  There is a lot to get through so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Episode 95 – Vastra vs the Vampire Monkies!

Andy, Jack, Nic and Derek try to decide which is the witch and who’s being overly familiar.  After a strong start, with an armored spearhead, last week how will this week compare? Davors, Daleks, Missy, Clara, Angry Eyebrows and pointy sticks, who could ask for more?

Episode 80 – Hit or Missy?

Andy, Alan and Derek pick their jaws up from the floor and figure out what they thought about THAT twist.  And what about the rest of the episode?  Plus what could happen next week?

Episode 68 – Vastra owes us one!

Alan, Andy and Derek take a deep breath before diving into discussing a new Doctor, old faces, new credits, the mysterious Missy and of course controversy!

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