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Episode 81 – ME and Moffat are BANANAS!!!

Derek, Martin, Eddie and Andy come together to talk about the exciting S8 finale.  And while we are on the subject of Bananas whats what with the Missing Episodes?

Episode 76 – I want my Mummy!

Nic, Martin, Derek and Andy risk the Mummy’s curse as they talk about Missing Episodes.  Oh and this weeks Mummy centric episode, which was rather good.

The 2nd Doctor voice overs are again provided by the scarily good Christopher Thomson.  Find out more about him here! -  http://www.outpostskaro.com/2014/09/14/new-talent/

Episode 74 – There’s been a spillage!

Martin, Andy and Derek try to mop up the aftermath of this week’s episode: The Caretaker.  And more things spill out as they bounce between messy subjects such as Missing Episodes and Conspiracy Theories.  Listen quickly before someone calls health and safety.

Episode 64 – Into Darkness!

Andy, Alan and Derek return from the darkness only to find that’s where everyone else is heading.  But with a new trailer and missing episode movement surely things are picking up? ( just don’t mention the leaked scripts)

Episode 58 – Missing Believed Having A Good Time

Derek and Eddie do a Smith and Jones style talking heads as they discuss Eddies book  (available now!), Missing Believed Wiped and just what Eddie knows about the Missing Episodes.  With a bonus twitter Q&A session at the end.

Also what did that Mysterious stranger hand our heroes in that dark alley after MBW? (dun dun DUN!!!!)

Eddie’s book is available for order here!

Episode 54 – The Masterly Power of Phase 2

Nic, Eddie, Alan and Derek get together to look back on Phase 1 of the Missing Episodes.  Nic tells us all about the Press Event he attended for Web of Fear & Enemy of the World.  Plus the team tackle questions live from twitter (at time of recording).  And why is Eddie coughing the phrase “Phase 2″?*


* Dalek fans may want to listen to the end.  Just saying…

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