Matt Smith

Episode 61 – The Year of the Doctor!

Alan, Andy and Derek look back on the 50th year of Doctor Who.  Three Regenerations, Two returning Classic Monsters and one hell of a return by Paul McGann!  Plus goodbye Matt, hello Peter!

Episode 33 – She keeps dying, Rory will sue!

Andy, Derek and Alan get together to decide if  “The Snowmen” Xmas Special was a cracker or just another Turkey.  And just what could we be getting in 2013?

Time for the Ponds to duck out

It’s finally happening.  After three years and many TARDIS trips it’s time for the Ponds to make their exit.  Before everyone gets too choked up to talk Eddie, Alan, Andy and Derek look back on Amy and Rory’s time with the Doctor.  And what better place to start than the Pondcentric “Power of Three”?

The “How many Dr Who fans does it take to change a light bulb” conspiracy!

The Power of Three!  No, not the highly anticipated episode 4 of series 7a, instead it’s three conspiracy theories that are doing the rounds.  But before Andy, Alan and Derek can solve these mysteries they must first look back on the series so far.

Ep 27 – The History of the Daleks!

In the run up to every Dalek ever appearing in the S7 opening episode we thought we would try and fit the history of every Dalek episode ever into a coherent form.  Have we succeeded or is Eddie now as mad as Dalek Caan?  Find out in this special podcast!


Ep 26 – A Masterly new trailer!

It’s almost time, series 7a is just around the corner and Alan, Andy and Derek are getting excited.  But what secrets are hidden in the trailer?  And why are they talking about the Master?

23 – Will a soap star clean up Dr Who?

Finally, after months in the void, Alan and Derek return to discuss the important issues of the day.  Who is this bright young thing going by the name of Jenna-Louise Coleman?  Will she be a Titanic success or will she wash up?  (well  she is a SOAP  star…I’ll get my coat)

22 – Anderson bought it, but he wouldn’t want that to spoil Christmas

Its a full house in the podcast over the holidays, as Derek, Eddie, Andy, Alan and Kyle all get together to talk about the Xmas special, The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe.   And Andy has a real problem with the title…

21 – Remember Remember

Nothing if not current, Alan and Derek sit down and discuss the latest in the Adventure Games, The Gunpowder Plot.  Guy Fawkes, Sontarans, Rutans and Rory, the guys discuss the change in format for the Adventure Games before settling in to talk about the shock news that David Yates is in discussions about a big screen Doctor Who movie.

Ep 20 – Doc 10 and the lost years hunting vampires!?!

Alan, Andy and Derek tackle this last weeks hot topic:  Is Matt Smith about to leave?  Also could the team have discovered what the 10th Doctor was really doing in those lost years between Waters of Mars and the End of Time Pt1?

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