Mark Gatiss

Indo-Japanese Space Geordie to the rescue!

Bunny, Derek and Andy pop pro plus pills and talk about this weeks episode in a vain attempt to stay awake… forever!  And the near exhausted Nic tells all about the recent Doctor Who Festival before passing out through exhaustion.

Episode 70 – Off with off with his head!

Bunny, Derek, Andy and Alan get together to see if ‘Robot of Sherwood’ makes them all merry men.  But just what has been chopped out of this weeks episode?  Amid the laughter and hijinks there is a deep sense of loss as Andy reveals some disappointing news about the 50th Special Blu-ray box set.

Episode 69 – Just how into the Dalek are we?

Bunny Galore picks a suitably risque episode number to join the podcast team. This week the patter non stop gang talk about Into the Dalek, Danny Pink, Peter Capaldi, Clara, sound mixes, Mark Gatiss, Stephen Moffat, and much, much more. (Everything except the kitchen sink and missing episodes). Just what do they think of this strange new Doctor with the attack eyebrows?

Episode 43 – The Crimson Hurrah!

Andy, Derek and Alan investigate whether lightning has struck twice for Mark Gatiss or if the crimson in this weeks episode is from red cheeks of embarrassment.

And Eddie drops in with a couple of spoilers for this weeks episode: “Nightmare in Silver”.  Catch them before the spoiler ninja’s catch him.

Warning: Contains some minor spoilers (but the podcast does warn before they start)

Things That Go Bump In The Night

While trying out a new intro for the podcast, Derek is joined by Andy and Kyle to discuss episode 8 of series 6: Night Terrors.   With the Outpost Skaro staff previously being lukewarm on episodes from Mark Gatiss, will this one turn things around?

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