Jenna-Louise Coleman

Episode 91 – Zygons and Daleks and Missy. Oh My!

Andy and Derek take a look at the new trailer for series 9. Did you spot everything hidden in it’s depths? (Andy didn’t) And just who was that sassy masked highway woman?

Episode 67 – Hot and Steamy in the TARDIS

Andy takes time out to talk about his recent trip to the Deep Breath premier in London.  Did he like the episode?  What’s the new Doctor like?  Who’s so against Hanky Panky in the TARDIS?  And are those new titles?  And who knew they make that noise in real life?  Unlike S5 questions will be answered.

Episode 33 – She keeps dying, Rory will sue!

Andy, Derek and Alan get together to decide if  “The Snowmen” Xmas Special was a cracker or just another Turkey.  And just what could we be getting in 2013?

23 – Will a soap star clean up Dr Who?

Finally, after months in the void, Alan and Derek return to discuss the important issues of the day.  Who is this bright young thing going by the name of Jenna-Louise Coleman?  Will she be a Titanic success or will she wash up?  (well  she is a SOAP  star…I’ll get my coat)

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