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Episode 105 – Getting a tattoo you will regret for the rest of your life!

Derek, Martin and Andy face the raven and the Doctor’s 52nd Birthday.  And just what did Moffat, Capaldi and Gatiss do down under that brought shame to them all?

Episode 85 – Last Christmas I gave you my hearts and you gave me crabs!

Long after the mulled wine hangover has passed, Andy, Derek, and Alan ponder Last Christmas and whether Santa was good or bad. And what were the surprises and sure things in the Outpost Skaro 2014 member awards? And if that wasn’t enough just what do you have to look forward to in 2015?

Episode 81 – ME and Moffat are BANANAS!!!

Derek, Martin, Eddie and Andy come together to talk about the exciting S8 finale.  And while we are on the subject of Bananas whats what with the Missing Episodes?

Episode 77 – Doctor Clara I presume?

Martin, Andy and Derek try to avoid being a little two dimensional in their praise of this weeks episode.  And what does Missy’s choice of technology really mean?

Voice overs are again provided by the spectacularly good Christopher Thomson.  Find out more about him here! -

Episode 70 – Off with off with his head!

Bunny, Derek, Andy and Alan get together to see if ‘Robot of Sherwood’ makes them all merry men.  But just what has been chopped out of this weeks episode?  Amid the laughter and hijinks there is a deep sense of loss as Andy reveals some disappointing news about the 50th Special Blu-ray box set.

Episode 69 – Just how into the Dalek are we?

Bunny Galore picks a suitably risque episode number to join the podcast team. This week the patter non stop gang talk about Into the Dalek, Danny Pink, Peter Capaldi, Clara, sound mixes, Mark Gatiss, Stephen Moffat, and much, much more. (Everything except the kitchen sink and missing episodes). Just what do they think of this strange new Doctor with the attack eyebrows?

Episode 68 – Vastra owes us one!

Alan, Andy and Derek take a deep breath before diving into discussing a new Doctor, old faces, new credits, the mysterious Missy and of course controversy!

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