Episode 85 – Last Christmas I gave you my hearts and you gave me crabs!

Long after the mulled wine hangover has passed, Andy, Derek, and Alan ponder Last Christmas and whether Santa was good or bad. And what were the surprises and sure things in the Outpost Skaro 2014 member awards? And if that wasn’t enough just what do you have to look forward to in 2015?

Episode 69 – Just how into the Dalek are we?

Bunny Galore picks a suitably risque episode number to join the podcast team. This week the patter non stop gang talk about Into the Dalek, Danny Pink, Peter Capaldi, Clara, sound mixes, Mark Gatiss, Stephen Moffat, and much, much more. (Everything except the kitchen sink and missing episodes). Just what do they think of this strange new Doctor with the attack eyebrows?

Episode 64 – Into Darkness!

Andy, Alan and Derek return from the darkness only to find that’s where everyone else is heading.  But with a new trailer and missing episode movement surely things are picking up? ( just don’t mention the leaked scripts)

Episode 63 – Matt Smith – Looking back at his time in the TARDIS

While we wait for the new Doc Andy, Alan and Derek take pause to think about the old one.  From the Fish Fingers and Custard to the Clock tower, from Pond to Impossible Girl the team look back at it all.  What worked, what didn’t and will we miss him?

Episode 61 – The Year of the Doctor!

Alan, Andy and Derek look back on the 50th year of Doctor Who.  Three Regenerations, Two returning Classic Monsters and one hell of a return by Paul McGann!  Plus goodbye Matt, hello Peter!

Episode 60 – Out with the old, in with the Dr Who

Eddie, Alan, Andy and Derek get together to talk about the Time of the Doctor.  Was it a cracker or a turkey?  And back by popular demand: a Missing Episode Update ( with just added special breaking news).



Episode 58 – Missing Believed Having A Good Time

Derek and Eddie do a Smith and Jones style talking heads as they discuss Eddies book  (available now!), Missing Believed Wiped and just what Eddie knows about the Missing Episodes.  With a bonus twitter Q&A session at the end.

Also what did that Mysterious stranger hand our heroes in that dark alley after MBW? (dun dun DUN!!!!)

Eddie’s book is available for order here!

Episode 57 – Day of the Fish Doctor

Andy, Alan and Derek get together to review a variety of Dr Who content: An adventure in space and time, The Night of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor and…. something a bit erm Fishy.  (Contains no ME news… stand by for that next week after MBW)

Episode 56 – The Golden Years – The Seventh Doctor with Sophie Aldred

Nic and Derek are joined by the legendary Sophie Aldred to talk about her time as Ace, the 7th Doctor’s nitro nine wielding companion.

Episode 49 – Peter “Beeping” Capaldi!?!

Nic, Derek, Andy and Alan get together to talk about the new Doctor and what it means for the show.  And a cryptic message from Eddie may result in doom for all!

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