Episode 49 – Peter “Beeping” Capaldi!?!

Nic, Derek, Andy and Alan get together to talk about the new Doctor and what it means for the show.  And a cryptic message from Eddie may result in doom for all!

Episode 48 – The Doctor turns up in the most unusual places

Derek and Alan are joined by guest host Alex (Director, Actor, Producer and Tea Boy for the new audio drama Menston Green, from Skerratt Media, starring Colin Baker).  After finding out about Alex’s experiences making the audio play talk turns to the missing episode rumors…


Episode 46 – The Golden Years – The Fifth Doctor

With the 4th Doctor Golden Years stuck in the Time Vortex  Andy, Derek and a very enlightened guest presenter take a look back at the Peter Davison era.  But could this be the most awkward Trial of a companion yet?

Episode 45 – So that’s what his name is!

Eddie, Derek, Andy and Special Guest CJ (from Dr Who Spoilers) look back at the Series 7B finale.  Then look forward to the 50th special.  Just who is this new Doctor?  And is the mystery symbol that keeps appearing in the background leading up to something?

Warning: Contains spoilers for the 50th!  If you don’t want to hear then just stop listening at the spoiler warning.

Episode 44 – He would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!

Derek, Andy and Alan take a look at Neil Gaiman’s latest Dr Who story: “Nightmare in Silver”.  Are the Cybermen scary again?

Episode 41 – The Writing is on the Wall

Derek, Andy and Alan get together in a well lite room to talk about the scariest Doctor Who episode in a long time: “Hide”.  Will they make it out alive?

Episode 40 – My Ice Warrior has no Nose. How does he smell? Terrible!

Andy, Alan and Derek review the latest episode from long time Dr Who writer Mark Gatiss.  Is the Cold War an explosive success or is this another tale that is letting in water?  And what do they think of the copious amounts of Martian nudity?

Episode 39 – The Golden Years – The Third Doctor

The review of Doctors past continues with a look at Jon Pertwee’s time in the TARDIS.  And could this be the toughest “Trial of a Companion” yet? (Or has Eddie found an escape clause)


Episode 38 – The Rings of Ikea

Andy, Alan and Derek try, and almost fail, to review the Rings of Akhaten.  Will Derek get the name right before the outtakes become longer than the episode?  Has a massive plot hole been found?  And just what is this late breaking news?

Warning: May contain a shameless plug for “The Scorchies ” by Big Finish.


Episode 37 – Spooning with the Doctor

The Bells, The Bells… of St Johns.  Derek, Eddie and Alan discuss why it’s obvious, but only after the fact.  They also talk about what they liked and disliked about the first episode of series erm… wait,  the mid season episode… oh hang it welcome to Series Fnarg 2: This time it’s more confusing.


And has a Christmas episode been stolen?…

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