Doctor Who

Episode 112 – Big Finish just cranked it up to 10!

Nic, Andy and Derek sit down with a stiff drink and talk about the long awaited return of the 10th Doctor and Donna. Is this a Noble enterprise or more What? What! What!?!

Episode 111 – Recorded in secret

Andy and Derek look at the latest Bill. No not a payment but a new companion for the Doctor

Episode 108 – Half Human on his mothers side!

Derek talks to Matthew Jacobs and Vanessa Yuille about the Doctor Who TV Movie, whether the Doctor is half human, and their new documentary (Doctor Who Am I) about American Doctor Who Fans.

Episode 99 – How horny should a viking be?

Andy, Martin, Derek and Nic hold a wake for the Girl Who Died as they celebrate a fun episode with a somber ending. And what is all the fuss that has been upsetting other Doctor Who podcasts? Oh and has the next Doctor revealed as a woman at last?

Episode 95 – Vastra vs the Vampire Monkies!

Andy, Jack, Nic and Derek try to decide which is the witch and who’s being overly familiar.  After a strong start, with an armored spearhead, last week how will this week compare? Davors, Daleks, Missy, Clara, Angry Eyebrows and pointy sticks, who could ask for more?

Episode 91 – Zygons and Daleks and Missy. Oh My!

Andy and Derek take a look at the new trailer for series 9. Did you spot everything hidden in it’s depths? (Andy didn’t) And just who was that sassy masked highway woman?

Episode 90 – Getting a Locum Doctor in.

Nic, Andy and Derek get together to review a very special 200th episode of the Big Finish main range.  The Doctor may be in but it’s not quite the right Doctor.  And if he doesn’t get his act together quickly he may not even be the Doctor!

Episode 89 – Damaged or Good?

Nic, Andy and Derek get together to talk about the recent Doctor Who audio from Big Finish, including one adapted from the work of a little known writer with the initials RTD.  And if that wasn’t exciting enough there is some Doctor Who news for S9!

Episode 87 – The Men Who Knew Too Little

Andy and Derek delve into the void to try and find out the latest S9 news and rumors.


Note: Since this podcast was recorded Mark Gatiss has been confirmed for S9.

Episode 86 – Steven Moffat: Past, Present & Future!

Andy, Alan and Derek have consulted the mighty twitter oracle for it’s views on Steven Moffat.  What do people like, what annoys them and who will fill those big shoes when the time comes?

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