david tennant

Episode 112 – Big Finish just cranked it up to 10!

Nic, Andy and Derek sit down with a stiff drink and talk about the long awaited return of the 10th Doctor and Donna. Is this a Noble enterprise or more What? What! What!?!

Episode 100 – What? What! What!?!

Derek, Andy and Alan realise that the podcast has hit triple figures, K9 has a new movie, Doc 10 and Dona are back and somewhere a woman is living. But which excites them the most? Tune in and find out in this special 100th episode of the Outpost Skaro Podcast! Warning: Has some minor spoilers about ME and Zygons.

Episode 79 – Halloween Special – Singing Meatloaf and Timeout Houses

Martin, Andy and Derek enjoy a short yet long stay in the house at the end of time.  And where is all that singing and screaming coming from?

Ep 20 – Doc 10 and the lost years hunting vampires!?!

Alan, Andy and Derek tackle this last weeks hot topic:  Is Matt Smith about to leave?  Also could the team have discovered what the 10th Doctor was really doing in those lost years between Waters of Mars and the End of Time Pt1?

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