Episode 95 – Vastra vs the Vampire Monkies!

Andy, Jack, Nic and Derek try to decide which is the witch and who’s being overly familiar.  After a strong start, with an armored spearhead, last week how will this week compare? Davors, Daleks, Missy, Clara, Angry Eyebrows and pointy sticks, who could ask for more?

Episode 91 – Zygons and Daleks and Missy. Oh My!

Andy and Derek take a look at the new trailer for series 9. Did you spot everything hidden in it’s depths? (Andy didn’t) And just who was that sassy masked highway woman?

Episode 64 – Into Darkness!

Andy, Alan and Derek return from the darkness only to find that’s where everyone else is heading.  But with a new trailer and missing episode movement surely things are picking up? ( just don’t mention the leaked scripts)

Ep 27 – The History of the Daleks!

In the run up to every Dalek ever appearing in the S7 opening episode we thought we would try and fit the history of every Dalek episode ever into a coherent form.  Have we succeeded or is Eddie now as mad as Dalek Caan?  Find out in this special podcast!


Ep 26 – A Masterly new trailer!

It’s almost time, series 7a is just around the corner and Alan, Andy and Derek are getting excited.  But what secrets are hidden in the trailer?  And why are they talking about the Master?

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