Episode 80 – Hit or Missy?

Andy, Alan and Derek pick their jaws up from the floor and figure out what they thought about THAT twist.  And what about the rest of the episode?  Plus what could happen next week?

Episode 44 – He would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!

Derek, Andy and Alan take a look at Neil Gaiman’s latest Dr Who story: “Nightmare in Silver”.  Are the Cybermen scary again?

Episode 17 – Closing Time

A bumper cast joined the recording this week, as Alan found himself joined by Derek, Andy and also Eddie to chat about the penultimate episode of series 6.  With the return of James Corden as Craig, the Cybermats, and also a killer cliffhanger for the finale, there was plenty to discuss.

Sadly this episode was recorded prior to the announcement of the axing of Confidential (more on that in the next episode), which was a real shame, since the guys did have a few problems with Confidential that week.  Oops.

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