Episode 105 – Getting a tattoo you will regret for the rest of your life!

Derek, Martin and Andy face the raven and the Doctor’s 52nd Birthday.  And just what did Moffat, Capaldi and Gatiss do down under that brought shame to them all?

Episode 95 – Vastra vs the Vampire Monkies!

Andy, Jack, Nic and Derek try to decide which is the witch and who’s being overly familiar.  After a strong start, with an armored spearhead, last week how will this week compare? Davors, Daleks, Missy, Clara, Angry Eyebrows and pointy sticks, who could ask for more?

Episode 80 – Hit or Missy?

Andy, Alan and Derek pick their jaws up from the floor and figure out what they thought about THAT twist.  And what about the rest of the episode?  Plus what could happen next week?

Episode 77 – Doctor Clara I presume?

Martin, Andy and Derek try to avoid being a little two dimensional in their praise of this weeks episode.  And what does Missy’s choice of technology really mean?

Voice overs are again provided by the spectacularly good Christopher Thomson.  Find out more about him here! -

Episode 37 – Spooning with the Doctor

The Bells, The Bells… of St Johns.  Derek, Eddie and Alan discuss why it’s obvious, but only after the fact.  They also talk about what they liked and disliked about the first episode of series erm… wait,  the mid season episode… oh hang it welcome to Series Fnarg 2: This time it’s more confusing.


And has a Christmas episode been stolen?…

Episode 33 – She keeps dying, Rory will sue!

Andy, Derek and Alan get together to decide if  “The Snowmen” Xmas Special was a cracker or just another Turkey.  And just what could we be getting in 2013?

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