Big Finish

Episode 100 – What? What! What!?!

Derek, Andy and Alan realise that the podcast has hit triple figures, K9 has a new movie, Doc 10 and Dona are back and somewhere a woman is living. But which excites them the most? Tune in and find out in this special 100th episode of the Outpost Skaro Podcast! Warning: Has some minor spoilers about ME and Zygons.

Episode 90 – Getting a Locum Doctor in.

Nic, Andy and Derek get together to review a very special 200th episode of the Big Finish main range.  The Doctor may be in but it’s not quite the right Doctor.  And if he doesn’t get his act together quickly he may not even be the Doctor!

Episode 89 – Damaged or Good?

Nic, Andy and Derek get together to talk about the recent Doctor Who audio from Big Finish, including one adapted from the work of a little known writer with the initials RTD.  And if that wasn’t exciting enough there is some Doctor Who news for S9!

Episode 36 – Don’t ask her name!

What’s inside the memory box?  And for goodness sake don’t ask her name!

Alan and Derek review Vienna, starring Chase Masterson, a Dr Who spin off featuring the assassin Vienna.


Ep 32 – Does the Boogie man check under his bed for the Doctor?

Alan, Andy and Derek try not to go bump in the night as they discuss “The Tall Man”, a scary movie just in time for Halloween.  And there are more monsters still (along with a few Gods) as the team then talk about the fantastic 7th Doctor  “Gods and Monsters” trilogy from Big Finish.

EP- 28 Dealing with zombie Sontarans cockney style!

Leaping forth from behind the sofa, an army of Dr Who actors and writers have run rampage at this years Frightfest.  Andy has survived the experience and is ready to risk his sanity by telling us all about it.   We also review James Moran’s new movie “Cockneys vs Zombies” and give a spoiler free preview of his upcoming movie “Towerblock”. (Both packed with Dr Who alumni such as Russell Torvey, Richard Briers, Honor Blackman and Michelle Ryan).

And if that isn’t enough we delve into the creation of the Sontaran’s with our review of the Big Finish Lost Story: The First Sontarans.

Ep 20 – Doc 10 and the lost years hunting vampires!?!

Alan, Andy and Derek tackle this last weeks hot topic:  Is Matt Smith about to leave?  Also could the team have discovered what the 10th Doctor was really doing in those lost years between Waters of Mars and the End of Time Pt1?

Big Finish Sale – Day 5

Alan and Derek return one final time this week to round out the daily looks at the Big Finish sale, and once again find themselves spoilt for choice by the plays on offer as they discuss the 40th Anniversary release, singing pirates, and some of Big Finish’s more experimental releases.

Today’s plays are Nekromanteia, The Dark Flame, The Pirates, Creatures of Beauty, Project: Lazarus, Flip-Flop, Omega, Davros, Master and Zagreus.

Check out all the Big Finish sale releases at

Big Finish Sale Day 4

Its day 4 of the Big Finish sale, and Alan and Derek are united in what you should buy today.

While there are some strong plays today is dominated by the impressive and outstanding “Spare Parts”.

Today’s plays are Embrace the Darkness, The Time of the Daleks, Neverland, Spare Parts, …Ish, The Rapture, The Sandman, The Church and the Crown, Bang-Bang-A-Boom!, Jubilee.

Check out all the Big Finish sale releases at


Big Finish Week – Day 3

Its day 3 of the Big Finish sale, and Alan and Derek continue in their quest to help inform our faithful listeners of what’s on offer.

Day 3 finds many of their favourites on offer, so instead of fighting over them, there’s agreement all around on the excellence of some of the plays available.

Today’s plays are Dust Breeding, Bloodtide, Project: Twilight, The Eye of the Scorpion, Colditz, Primeval, The One Doctor, Invaders From Mars, The Chimes of Midnight and Seasons of Fear.

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