amy pond

Plotholes take Manhattan!

The Angels took Manhattan but they’ve left behind some major plot holes.  Alan, Andy and Derek pick there way through this epic timey whimey tale of love, death and angels.  And maybe, just maybe, they’ve found a theory that not only fills in the holes from this episode but some that have been outstanding since the Eleventh Hour.    Oh, and the ponds left but this has caused a surprising reaction from everyone.

Time for the Ponds to duck out

It’s finally happening.  After three years and many TARDIS trips it’s time for the Ponds to make their exit.  Before everyone gets too choked up to talk Eddie, Alan, Andy and Derek look back on Amy and Rory’s time with the Doctor.  And what better place to start than the Pondcentric “Power of Three”?

23 – Will a soap star clean up Dr Who?

Finally, after months in the void, Alan and Derek return to discuss the important issues of the day.  Who is this bright young thing going by the name of Jenna-Louise Coleman?  Will she be a Titanic success or will she wash up?  (well  she is a SOAP  star…I’ll get my coat)

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