50th Anniversary

Episode 54 – The Masterly Power of Phase 2

Nic, Eddie, Alan and Derek get together to look back on Phase 1 of the Missing Episodes.  Nic tells us all about the Press Event he attended for Web of Fear & Enemy of the World.  Plus the team tackle questions live from twitter (at time of recording).  And why is Eddie coughing the phrase “Phase 2″?*


* Dalek fans may want to listen to the end.  Just saying…

Our obsession with what Paul McGann is wearing

Two Bakers, but two different answers to the question “Would you take part in the 50th Anniversary shows?”. Alan, Derek and, from the other side of the Atlantic, Rose try and sort out what it all means. And just what is Paul McGann wearing these days?

19 – Look at the coat, not the face

After an unexpected delay (sadly caused by real life intruding in the edit schedule, combined with Alan’s PC going on the blink), the Outpost Skaro Podcast returns to discuss the final series of Sarah Jane Adventures, and have a natter about one of the more popular forum topics of the last few weeks (at least, it was when we recorded the podcast): the 50th anniversary and the possibility of recasting.  Good idea, or bad idea?  Andy, Derek, Alan and Eddie all share their thoughts.

Series 7 Scheduling Panic!

For the past few weeks, fandom have been in a right tizzy, as the fate of Doctor Who’s seventh series was thrown into confusion.  How many episodes?  Another split series?   What’s going on????

Well, in truth, Alan and Derek don’t have a clue.  But they’re willing to record their lack of knowledge on the subject, and try and sort through the sequence of events and what it might mean for 2012 and 2013.

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