Episode 130 – Clothes maketh the Doctor!

Andy, Derek and Nic awaken from their icy tombs and take stock of a new outfit for the soon to be new Doctor.  And is that a new TARDIS in the picture or is the Doctor just pleased to see us?

Episode 128 – No I am the Doctor

Andy, Nic and Derek take a look at the S10 final.

Episode 124 – Fake News of the World!

Andy and Derek try to work out whats real or fake.  And should they be voting Saxon this week?

Episode 88 – The 10th anniversary comes after the 50th? Timey Whimey!

Only a show about time travel could celebrate a 10th anniversary after it’s 50th.  It’s been ten years since Rose delighted Dr Who fans (well most of them) and Graham Norton enraged them (well the ones that got his impromptu drop in). Andy and Derek look back at the return and all the golden moments that’s have happened since.


Episode 83 – Lets face the music

Andy and Derek talk about the series 8 soundtrack and then ponder a bit on what fans may be getting for Christmas.

Episode 68 – Vastra owes us one!

Alan, Andy and Derek take a deep breath before diving into discussing a new Doctor, old faces, new credits, the mysterious Missy and of course controversy!

Episode 39 – The Golden Years – The Third Doctor

The review of Doctors past continues with a look at Jon Pertwee’s time in the TARDIS.  And could this be the toughest “Trial of a Companion” yet? (Or has Eddie found an escape clause)


Episode 36 – Don’t ask her name!

What’s inside the memory box?  And for goodness sake don’t ask her name!

Alan and Derek review Vienna, starring Chase Masterson, a Dr Who spin off featuring the assassin Vienna.


Episode 35 – The Golden Years – The Second Doctor

Alan, Andy and Derek look back on Patrick Troughton’s time as The Doctor.

Episode 34 – The Golden Years – First Doctor

In the run up to the shows 50th Birthday the Outpost Skaro team will be looking back at each and every incarnation of the Doctor; starting with William Hartnell’s initial take on the role.  Derek, Eddie and Andy look back on what made the show so great right from the start.

And in the first of an ongoing series we put the First Doc’s companions to the test in: Trial of a Companion.  Who will be the first to enter Room 10, 0, 11, 0, 0 by 0, 2?


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