Episode 117 – A Doctor but perhaps not the one you were expecting?

Andy, Nic and Derek pack a lot into this podcast. Trailers, spoilers, speculation, Romans, war doctors, missing episodes!  There is a lot to get through so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Episode 116 – Passing On, Moving On And Relocating

Andy, Nic and Derek face some sad news and then try to look on the positive side, even if that is a bit spoilery.

Episode 115 – Doctor Mysterio Rides Again!

After the festive hangover Derek and Andy pick over the recent Xmas Special and talk Turkey about what the year holds ahead.

Episode 114 – The End of Spring Heel’d Jack

Derek risks the wrath of the mysterious Spring Heel’d Jack to talk to the series creators: Rob and Jack.  After 3 Series we finally know the Secret of Spring Heel’d Jack.  And also why are Doctor Who Companions like Buses?

Episode 113 – Frightfest 2013

After an unexpectidly long hiatus the Outpost Skaro podcast returns with the low down on this years FrightFest film festival in London.  Andy braves terror, despair and late night traffic to cover this happily horrific event!

Episode 112 – Big Finish just cranked it up to 10!

Nic, Andy and Derek sit down with a stiff drink and talk about the long awaited return of the 10th Doctor and Donna. Is this a Noble enterprise or more What? What! What!?!

Episode 111 – Recorded in secret

Andy and Derek look at the latest Bill. No not a payment but a new companion for the Doctor

Episode 110 – The Moff is off!

Nic, Derek and Andy use some sticky tape to put the internet back together after the recent news of Steven Moffats departure caused it to explode.  And speaking of explosions just what have Alex Kingston and John Hurt been doing in their Big Finish adventures?

Episode 109 – All these head jokes but no Captain Jack?

Andy and Derek hit the eggnog to try and decide if the 2015 Christmas special is a cracker going off with a bang or just reheated turkey.

Episode 108 – Half Human on his mothers side!

Derek talks to Matthew Jacobs and Vanessa Yuille about the Doctor Who TV Movie, whether the Doctor is half human, and their new documentary (Doctor Who Am I) about American Doctor Who Fans.

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