Episode 130 – Clothes maketh the Doctor!

Andy, Derek and Nic awaken from their icy tombs and take stock of a new outfit for the soon to be new Doctor.  And is that a new TARDIS in the picture or is the Doctor just pleased to see us?

Episode 129 – She is the one and the Thirteenth!

Alan returns to join Nic, Andy and Derek in discussing the 13th Doctor.  And someone is not happy about something. Really not happy.

Episode 128 – No I am the Doctor

Andy, Nic and Derek take a look at the S10 final.

Episode 127 – Spare Potts

Andy, Derek and Nic don disguises and hope to avoid conversion while they review this weeks chilling episode of Doctor Who.   And let the speculation begin about the second part of the final and the Christmas Special


Episode 126 – Hawd the Door!

Andy, Derek and Nic form a Testudo, dab on some woad and charge into reviewing this weeks episode.

Episode 125 – Ice, Ice, Baby!

Nic, Andy and Derek clench their fists to their hearts and pledge service to the Empress of Mars.  But this is Mark Gatiss story and that can mean one of two things…  Which is it?  And just what is this bonkers theory Andy has heard about the Xmas Special?

Episode 124 – Fake News of the World!

Andy and Derek try to work out whats real or fake.  And should they be voting Saxon this week?

Episode 123 – Hangovers will doom humanity!

Discussing a mysterious Pyramid that appears out of nowhere is by far the least odd thing that Andy and Derek find to talk about this week.  Is the Doctor about to face an arch enemy in the nude? Surely not….

Episode 122 – Pope Blocked!

Andy and Derek discuss if being Pope Blocked is the ultimate date destroyer.  And, due to illness, two episodes are reviewed this week!

Episode 121 – Knock, Knock, Who’s There!

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Andy and Derek, here to discus a very creepy episode of Doctor Who. Yes it might be a bit wooden but only in all the right ways.

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